Originally written by Harold R Seldon

Syvita is a group of like-minded individuals with honesty, integrity and a thought for a greater future of humanity, unified by Bitcoin and belief in the philosophy and the values behind it. A force for global good of unprecedented proportions.

First among equals, by the people, for the people

The all-encompassing ecosystem we call the Metaverse is being built upon the bedrock of Bitcoin, and Syvita are the builders which bring the future into the present. We are a growing group of like-minded individuals unified by a common vision for a better future for humanity than what society at present envisions. What we are aiming for is the lofty goal of increasing the scope and reach of human civilisation. We are firmly set on a path to ensure the long term survival and prosperity of human consciousness. We constantly seek to extend that consciousness across our planet at present, onto other planets in our solar system in the near future and eventually other solar systems.

Visualise the Metaverse in all its beauty, wisdom and glory. Picture a society built upon the foundation of the immutable principles of honesty, fairness and justice. Imagine a post-scarcity universe comprised of conscious entities working in unison towards a common goal - peace, prosperity and security for all.

Bitcoin is not the discovery of fire. Bitcoin is the Big Bang that brought our Universe into existence. The more we delve into the depths of knowledge encompassing the philosophical construct that is Bitcoin, the more we are able to understand our mathematical universe. The core values of Bitcoin we embrace wholeheartedly are the guiding lights on our journey of creation - Decentralisation, Privacy, Security, Sovereignty. We are firm believers in educating, mentoring and supporting the next generation Bitcoiners are set on providing a framework of growth based upon the Bitcoin ecosystem, built with Stacks as a layering solution.